Tasting the Biggest Apple

June 17, 2009
Tasting the Biggest Apple Tomorrow is my first taxi adventure in the Biggest Apple. Meanwhile, fear and excitement are dancing a fierce tango in my stomach, and it’s hard to tell which one is leading. How will Taxi Gourmet translate in New York? Will the cabbies here be as cunning on the hunt for culinary treasure as the

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Cantina Gone Bust

May 1, 2009
Cantina Gone Bust From time to time, my pursuit of all food that’s taxi-related goes bust, as was the case on today’s failed mission to La Cantina de los Taxistas. For weeks, I’ve been fantasizing about paying a visit to this cabbie-friendly restaurant, hoping to taste some authentic Italo-Argentine food (they’re allegedly famous for their cannelloni) and

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The First Annual Taxi Gourmet Story Contest Winner: Woman Behind the Wheel

April 6, 2009
Congratulations to Ms. Emily Flake of New York, New York, the winner of the First Annual Taxi Gourmet Story Contest. Here’s her brief but entertaining tale of a Big Apple-based taxi adventure: I was taking a black cab from Park Slope to Greenpoint (both neighborhoods in Brooklyn but a pain in the a** to

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